Monday, 24 May 2010


This is from a dance blog but i really love the jacket shes wearing. I've been searching around for jackets. I own a blue boyfriend blazer which is cool for just putting with anything really but i want other colours too so i can mix match. I've even been searching around my dads closet lol.

On other news i just watched my first episode of The Hills. Well let me just say that show is crazy. Why is that Spencer guy so angry? Why is his wife just going along with it? Drugs?

Too much stuff going on!


  1. That image is amazing.

    Haha, the hills is complete trash tv, you can only wonder why those people do it. It's all staged anyway to make ti look more interesting. That Spencer guy seems like an idiot!

  2. I love the pic I like your take on fashion its very different yet inspiring.

    I am a new follower on your blog and would love for you to do the same if you like what you see.

    SN: LOL on the Hills comments its so true

  3. hi sis.. thanks for dropping by my blog.. I'll follow yoo, nice blog.. :) take care... :) We are in the same interest, fashion, food and life. Why not peanut? hhhehehe