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Vogue Nippon March 2009

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-F.I.P's Blog of the Week [Fashion Regardless]-

Well i showed you guys Fashion Regardless last week but here is the interview. Why do i love this blog? It's is a street style blog with a difference all the pictures are taken in Cornwall. Unlike others who go around the globe taken pics this girl is showing that her town/city (whatever Cornwall is) has got fashion sense. Next fashion capital...maybe thats a long shot.

When did you start your blog?
I can tell you exactly! I started the blog on 17th March of this year.

Why did you start your Blog?
I've always thought of myself as a really driven and, having set my sights on fashion journalism as a future career, was really disappointed with the limited amount of support or encouragement from the journalistic industry. I thought about what I could to use as a preference in the future, or a way I could prove that I was serious about what I wanted to I decided to start writing the blog! I also wanted a place to project people's individual style who weren't getting enough credit!

What is your inspiration?
Where do I even start! I'm inspired hugely by the people I see around me. For instance, don't you love it when you see an elderly gentleman walking along, well turned out (you know the type) looking so happy and pleased with himself, and you just think "When I'm his age, I want to be as happy as he is." I'm inspired by people who let you into their personality through what they wear.

What are your aspirations?
To do well in my exams, get into a good Uni, have a HUGE amount of fun, get into fashion journalism and never get old.

Name some of your favourite Blogs
There are so many! The one that started me off is The Sartorialst- who wouldn't be seduced by such incredible photographs? I also LOVE Marionette- who has a surprisingly small following for such a beautiful blog. Style Scrapbook is also really cool along with Illustrate My Pillowcase and, of course, Fashion-In-Pictures!

Name some of your favourite places to shop
Charity shops! But I must add, they have to be the RIGHT ones- otherwise you just get a huge pile of really grotty, unwanted clothes. Finding good charity shops is a total mission, but worth it once you've found one.

What is one item you couldn't live without?
One? Hmm...I think an ipod (would you be allowed a charger? Or a socket for that matter?) it would keep me sane.

3 Things your bloggers may not know about you
1) I'm only fifteen! I'd like to think it isn't blatantly obvious that i'm so young.
2) To fill awkward silences, I talk about cats (always).
3) I am the worst speller you will ever come across (thank god for spell checker!)

Your favourite post so far and why

'Recycled Fashion'- because it's so great to see different and innovative ways to make fashion ecological. Every now and again you see an article in a magazine with a dress made of pegs or something and it's always so great to see!

If you could some out your blog in one sentance what would it be?
An internet pedestal for original and unique style.

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Vogue Spain June 2010

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F.I.P's Favourite Blogs

I am the biggest fan of blogs. Thankyou to who ever came up with the idea or whatever. THANKYOU!!!!

Anyways these are some of the blogs i will be featuring in he following F.I.P's Blog of the Week. Check them out now :D

Fashion Regardless-the nicest blog by the nicest girl! She goes around the streets of Cornwall, yes Cornwall, the town i thought was very dull and boring and snaps people who actually have fashion sense. I seriously thought all those who retire go to Cornwall.
Fashion Markets Love/Miranda's Style at Breakfast- Basically blogs by the same person. For me her style diary, breakfast one, is the better one only because i love looking at other peoples style and clothes. Let me say her and her boyfriends clothes are super HOT!

Theres more but i'm tired and lazy today...for some reason London wanted to be cold this morning and then get really really HOT :D


Sorry guys can't really remember the Vogues....i think Nippon, Russia, Germany & US

These are just some of my favourite images from the June Vogues and also i think a Mays in there :D


Cristiano Ronaldo Giorgio Armani

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British Vogue June 2010
I love this shoot. The last picture is by far the best...anyone else in love with the sunnies :D The hair also reminds me of the editorial i posted yesterday.

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Vogue Spain June 2010

This shoot is just filled with glamour. I love the trench and gold rings & necklaces :D

-F.I.P's Blog of the Week [Corazones Rojos]

Corazones Rojos blog is a blog full of thrift finds worn by the stylish Gabby. The reason i really love this blog is because i find her outfits very creative. If i see her putting certain things together i have to admit that i will try the same.

When did you start your blog?
On a rainy day in April 2009.

Why did you start your Blog?
I originally started posting my outfit photos on Flickr's wardrobe_remix, but I wanted a more concentrated forum and thus corazones rojos began. Plus, I wanted a forum that was more focused on me me me me!

What is your inspiration?
Anything from Stevie Nicks (btw, my number one fashion - and life in general - inspiration) to grandmas to British culture to Cholas to indigenous peoples.

What are your aspirations?
My number one goal in life is to not spend massive amounts of time perfecting my eyeliner in the morning. That, plus raising my Bop-It single expert score from 84 to 100.

Name some of your favourite Blogs
In alphabetical order (because I'm a bit OCD):

Name some of your favourite places to shop
It's no secret that my numero uno place to shop is my beloved Value Center...always has been, always will be. I love you, boo.

What is one item you couldn't live without?
Ninety-nine cent nail polish. My go to shades are Blood and Nude. Wow, I'm so gothic. Hi, mom!

3 Things your bloggers may not know about you
1. I never wear open-toed shoes (feet creep me out!!!).
2. I have seven tattoos.
3. I'm really a man.
OK, that last one isn't true. Now for the real number three:
3. My real name is not Gabby.

Your favourite post so far and why

Sorry, I had to choose two posts because I like to break the rules. Anyhow, these are my favorite posts due to the fact that they truly portray me and my personality accurately. It's utterly and verifiably GABBY. I'm crazy, but I think my readers get that and appreciate it. Plus, these posts got the most responses of any I've ever written. I really do enjoy reading what others have to say and when we have a forum where my craziness can be debated, it's incredible and beneficial for everyone.

Check Gabby out now at:

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W Magazine

Just going through the good old internet and i stumbled on this. I don't know why i really like this photo, maybe its Davids gorgeous eyes or body. Click on the link above to look at the rest of the steamy shoot :D

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Vogue Nippon July 2010

Love the make-up, Love the hair :D

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Vogue Spain February

Another fabulous picture from the happy spread Chanel Iman did for Spanish Vogue. I love the print of the dress and the shape :D

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-Snow White-


I am a self confessed animation addict. I love watching drawings come to life. Snow White has to be one of my favourite Disney films. Well now i'm studying Media and i'm not to sure oh the stereotypes...

Whats your favourite Animation?


Chanel Iman, Vogue Spain

I'm posting this picture of Chanel Iman because i, like her, am happy. I'm happy because of the comments and positive feedback i get. I'm happy because people actually follow me i started this off as something just for me to do in my spare time, which it still is but it's nice to know that people out there like what you like.

I'm also happy because my F.I.P's Blog of the Week got a good reception and Olivia was so good at answering the questions.

Soon i will be doing a giveaway, my first EVER! So stay tuned and thanks for looking at Fashion in Pictures :D


Vogue Italia May 2010

I would never wear blue lipstick, thats just me but all the eye make up in this editorial is amazing and great for any girls night out, which for me is coming up soon :D

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-F.I.P's Blog of the Week [An Olive a Day]-

This is the first of F.I.P's Blog of the Week!

Meet Olivia from An Olive a Day, a blog full of outfit posts, reviews and whatever shes in the mood to write about. The reason i really like this blog is because all the clothes she wears are fabulous also being a curvy girl myself it's nice to see her blog being noticed and followed. Did everyone know that there is a whole other world of curvy girl blogs.

So heres the interview :D

When did you start your blog?
I started An Olive a Day at the beginning of this year, but I've technically been blogging about fashion and my personal style since I was about 14 or 15 through fashion communities on Livejournal.

Why did you start your Blog?
There are a lot of answers to this question, so I'll give you a quick rundown. I used to work in retail where I had total freedom of what I wore. I lost that job and a month later started a new job that basically requires employees to wear the least fashionable uniform in existence. It's not like I don't have a life outside of work, but I am there so often that I actually felt like I was losing myself style-wise. I started my blog to force myself into taking some chances and showing off clothes that I love to wear. I never intended on having a following, but I love that people are interested in what I'm wearing and my fashion perspective. I think I also subconsciously wanted to have a new creative outlet, and the blog has definitely allowed me to embrace some of my artistic curiosities.

What is your inspiration?
Old ladies on the bus, anything vintage - from fashion to interior design, textiles, people on the street, films from the 60's and 70's, quiet mornings with a book, and loud nights of music and swooning. I embrace everything as inspiration.

What are your aspirations?
Career-wise - I've always wanted to own my boutique or work my way up in a company that I am deeply passionate about. Lately I've also toyed with the idea of designing shoes for women with wide feet since this has been an ongoing struggle for me my entire life but who knows. Lifestyle-wise - I want to travel the world. I want to learn how to play multiple instruments. I want to be a better feminist and LGBT advocate. I want to be crafty. I want to impress myself.

Name some of your favourite Blogs
As far as fashion blogs, Sally Jane Vintage and Liebmarlene Vintage are easily my top 2 bloggers. They were my biggest inspiration to start blogging about my love for both vintage and modern design. Knight Cat has a great eye for celebrity and model style and knock out editorials. Copenhagen and StockholmStreetstyle, Stylesightings, and Hel-Looks are all my go-to blogs on street fashion.

What are some of your favourite places to shop
Thrift stores, H&M, Evans, ASOS, Ebay, Buffalo Exchange, Etsy

What is one item you couldn't live without?
Black opaque tights

3 Things your bloggers may not know about you
I'm a pathetic cook.
I'm getting my BA in December for Fashion Retail Management.
I'm almost 23 years old and I still don't have my drivers license!

Your favourite outfit post so far and why

I love this outfit because it was something I wore often this past fall, and happened to make me look 100x cooler than I actually am. This is also one of my favorite posts because the photos were taken right before the demise of my coat. I'm a strong believer in ease and comfort in style, and you can't get any easier and comfortable than an oversized t-shirt, flannel, jeggings, boots, perfect little vintage coat, and oversized scarf.

Just want to say thanks to Olivia for doing the first F.I.P's Blog of the Week check her out now at: