Monday, 21 June 2010

-F.I.P's Blog of the Week [Fashion Regardless]-

Well i showed you guys Fashion Regardless last week but here is the interview. Why do i love this blog? It's is a street style blog with a difference all the pictures are taken in Cornwall. Unlike others who go around the globe taken pics this girl is showing that her town/city (whatever Cornwall is) has got fashion sense. Next fashion capital...maybe thats a long shot.

When did you start your blog?
I can tell you exactly! I started the blog on 17th March of this year.

Why did you start your Blog?
I've always thought of myself as a really driven and, having set my sights on fashion journalism as a future career, was really disappointed with the limited amount of support or encouragement from the journalistic industry. I thought about what I could to use as a preference in the future, or a way I could prove that I was serious about what I wanted to I decided to start writing the blog! I also wanted a place to project people's individual style who weren't getting enough credit!

What is your inspiration?
Where do I even start! I'm inspired hugely by the people I see around me. For instance, don't you love it when you see an elderly gentleman walking along, well turned out (you know the type) looking so happy and pleased with himself, and you just think "When I'm his age, I want to be as happy as he is." I'm inspired by people who let you into their personality through what they wear.

What are your aspirations?
To do well in my exams, get into a good Uni, have a HUGE amount of fun, get into fashion journalism and never get old.

Name some of your favourite Blogs
There are so many! The one that started me off is The Sartorialst- who wouldn't be seduced by such incredible photographs? I also LOVE Marionette- who has a surprisingly small following for such a beautiful blog. Style Scrapbook is also really cool along with Illustrate My Pillowcase and, of course, Fashion-In-Pictures!

Name some of your favourite places to shop
Charity shops! But I must add, they have to be the RIGHT ones- otherwise you just get a huge pile of really grotty, unwanted clothes. Finding good charity shops is a total mission, but worth it once you've found one.

What is one item you couldn't live without?
One? Hmm...I think an ipod (would you be allowed a charger? Or a socket for that matter?) it would keep me sane.

3 Things your bloggers may not know about you
1) I'm only fifteen! I'd like to think it isn't blatantly obvious that i'm so young.
2) To fill awkward silences, I talk about cats (always).
3) I am the worst speller you will ever come across (thank god for spell checker!)

Your favourite post so far and why

'Recycled Fashion'- because it's so great to see different and innovative ways to make fashion ecological. Every now and again you see an article in a magazine with a dress made of pegs or something and it's always so great to see!

If you could some out your blog in one sentance what would it be?
An internet pedestal for original and unique style.


  1. Amaing! will be checking it out adore the pictures!

  2. Thank you Nay! You're an absolute beaut. :)

  3. look at that gorgeous dress from recycled fashion post!wow!