Wednesday, 16 June 2010

F.I.P's Favourite Blogs

I am the biggest fan of blogs. Thankyou to who ever came up with the idea or whatever. THANKYOU!!!!

Anyways these are some of the blogs i will be featuring in he following F.I.P's Blog of the Week. Check them out now :D

Fashion Regardless-the nicest blog by the nicest girl! She goes around the streets of Cornwall, yes Cornwall, the town i thought was very dull and boring and snaps people who actually have fashion sense. I seriously thought all those who retire go to Cornwall.
Fashion Markets Love/Miranda's Style at Breakfast- Basically blogs by the same person. For me her style diary, breakfast one, is the better one only because i love looking at other peoples style and clothes. Let me say her and her boyfriends clothes are super HOT!

Theres more but i'm tired and lazy today...for some reason London wanted to be cold this morning and then get really really HOT :D


  1. Thank you so much for sharing Miranda's Style at Breakfast...I LOVE this blog! It's so nice to see other bloggers give props to all those fabulous (but-not-so-famous) blogs!

    ♥ V

  2. I've never heard of these blogs, but def plan on checking them out! Thanks for posting!

    maybe I'll be up there one day ;)

    xo Carlina

  3. will check them out!it's always nice to see the great but not so famous ones revealed (as gritandglamour pointed out!)

  4. THANKS SO MUCH BABY FOR FEATURING ME =) what an honour!!!


  5. Wow! Your blog is probably one of the most creative ones I've seen in ages. The idea of blogging about other blogs seems so unique and interesting to me! I love it! It is amazing to find out about new great blogs that aren't popular enough for you to find yourself, but are still there.

    Thank you for that,
    Sofia Leo x

  6. Might as well BURST with pride. You are the best. :)